Etech-Your Excellent Outsourcing Bridge To China !  


Etech is committed to creating business value by delivering sustainable solutions through expert design, cost-effective manufacturing and cutting-edge technologies. We assist you to manufacture your products in the most cost-efficient manner and we keep your corporate knowledge totally secure, while helping you to increase profit ability and expand market share.

Your Outsourcing Bridge To China!


We are a dynamic team with expertise in providing innovative solutions for the manufacture of products for a broad spectrum of businesses in the computing, mobile, networking, electronics, industrial, medical and consumer sectors.

To best match customer needs, our project involvement may begin at any stage of the product life cycle. For some projects we are involved from the concept level and participate in the design, prototyping, proof-of-concept, batch production and mass production phases. For other projects, we are brought on board after the product is designed and ready-for-production. In such cases our team assists in Quality Control and improving the efficiency of production for the current version of the product as well as future versions.

Locating reliable partners in China can be a challenging task and our experienced team  is the optimal choice for overseas customers looking to migrate turn-key manufacturing projects to mainland China and to benefit from lowered manufacturing costs while at the same time retaining a high standard of quality, engineering and support.

When working with Etech you can remain confident that we understand your business needs and that our main priority is to assist you in meeting your marketing and production goals according to schedule & budget.


Etech has a proven 14 years track record in helping customers from throughout the globe to reduce the costs of turnkey manufacturing in China,while providing quick response time and excellent workmanship. Our flexible"can do it" attitude has won us popularity with a large customer base which regards Etech as an integral part of their business success.

Etech offers advanced manufacturing technologies combined with expert quality control and standards compliance. We do not rely on simpleout-of-the-box solutions, but rather we evaluate your specific needs and pride ourselves on delivering fully customized and cost-effective manufacturing services.

Etech has gained long years of experience in the Chinese market place, allowing us to navigate easily between suppliers, manufacturers, shippers and government offices — saving you the time & effort of starting your China engagement from scratch. We work with highly reliable suppliers and plan your production runs using top-grade materials attained at bulk prices.

Etech maintains full time engineering presence on the factory floor to ensure realtime checking of machinery and production, a practice which serves to identify potential problems at an early stage and ensure high-quality output.

Etech has built an expert QC team to ensure that materials and manufacturing adhere strictly to international standards.


Etech provides a full range of manufacturing services for Prototyping,Battery and Battery assembly, Die cutting parts, Plastic mold and injection,EMS assembly and QC for oversea customers.

Etech has proven expertise in the entire spectrum of final assembly(FA) and partial assembly (PA) services, reducing manufacturing costs for an exceptionally wide range of products and industries.

Etech maintains offices in Shenzhen and provides mass-volume manufacturing services to large international customers including Radiancy Orpak, Ninox, Ionics and Nistec as well as numerous small and medium size businesses.